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Blue Wayfinder

Definition:Seekers of wisdom and the wonder of ancient skills. Women who create and travel and are the seekers of artistic creative experience !

There is an art to travel. There is a conversation with yourself and others. An education occurs through the time spent and in the return to the memories. There is an art to traveling in your own communities. We don’t always have to fly to other countries and what can be perceived as exotic places.  All places can be exotic and intriguing to others. In this pandemic we are being forced to travel journeys within ourselves and in our own environments. Imagination travel. Places that seem to know be so far out of reach can still be visited in our imaginations. Like visits in time to other places that don’t even exist anymore. There are connections and knowledge that can be shared through physical and digital travel.  I seek to travel. I have traveled. I have worked and traveled. I can still travel now. I am a seeker. I am a Blue Wayfinder. I see many of us. In these times I can see the people who are held in their own pauses. I see art being made and I see art that has been made. I see the pages of time in all the community art around the globe. Modern cave stories that connect us to time and space.

I did not know I would be a cave wall painter. I did not know the lens would be changed as the decades passed. I was a seeker. A young woman from a small town. A young woman raised by a seeker. A mother that never let my inability to leave a small rural town, stop me from traveling. She showed me how to travel in my imagination. And in that we are free.  We are seekers and artists and we can connect in these times


What Art during your travel times connects you to the place you visit? 

What colours remind you of your favourite travel place?

What do you collect from your travels?

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