Exposed Walls

Phases and birthdays. I read somewhere that we grow in nine year intervals. And that if we turn our birthdate around it is where we are in a phase of that decade. Sound confusing? yes.. SO if I am 59 today as I write. Am I actually 95 ? Well this year has certainly had […]

Third Wave

As we pivot through the third wave of this pandemic party, it is truly interesting to watch the world change. Change is the word that will always remind me of Covid19. How fast can we adapt is true evolution. Watching the creative businesses and people pivot to make digital and physical u-turns, shows the resilience […]


Wayfinder Projects and the heart of the ART IN ACTION that supported the mural projects. What may look like murals was actually an outdoor community learning experience. There is a perception of a social system of support that is supposed to improve people’s lives and it is through a top down government managed approach. …this […]

Joan of ART

The purpose of the blue. Since we launched Generation 2 of the mural program “AR:T ROUTE BLUE”, as in many projects, strategic delays occurred. Some because we chose an inclusive rural path, and some because of the work it takes, especially without a large budget. Not that we have not tried to access Government Funding. […]

MLM Walk of Stars Mural Project

From the CCM Hall of Fame business plan files and with MLM Youth Mural model license..a continuation of the Vernon Mural Project in a BC wide plan in discussions with BC Government 2.6.c Michelle Loughery Murals (Merritt Walk of Stars Youth Mural Project)In the autumn of 2004 master muralist Michelle Loughery, the Merritt Walk of […]


As we move forward with the generation two of the Wayfinder Project..I am feeling so grateful. Many people are coming back to the kitchen design table, and many new people are arriving as well. The app art is the pied piper of connection. Art is property and the bringing together of artists, creative thinkers, and […]

Merritt Vernon Project History

From the archives files of Grant prepared by Susan Allen and Michelle Loughery for the Walk of Stars Society ( society folded 2015) Preamble – Historical Overview By SUSAN ALLEN This article is from the original project outline that was part of the collaboration and co funding of the Merritt Mural Project. “The project we […]

Truth about Merritt

I am sitting here thinking about the full circle of life as I make a doll for my granddaughter for her first birthday. Which is today. I am surrounded with people who support and friends..and so many of the women that worked beside me in the projects that we worked so hard at. Building […]

women and blue

It is a well know fact that I have been a huge advocate for copyright. Now I know that this flag, has made me out to be called unreasonable, as well as many less flattering verbs; but here is the thing. It is an important stand to make as a women. Women have built communities […]

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