Patricia Anne Sanyshyn Kozler

Patricia’s dress flows, Chantilly lace, 

a dream made. In spirit, it grows.

Silent whispers Chantilly lace 

and dreams Patricia’s spirit

In a small coal mining town, lived a girl named Patricia. She lived a simple life surrounded by the sounds of the mines and the wind carrying the dreams of the townspeople away in a fine black dust. One day, Patricia stumbled upon a dress unlike any she had ever seen. It was made of the most delicate Chantilly lace, with intricate patterns and delicate detailing. The dress was like a piece of art, and Patricia fell in love with it instantly. She felt a connection to the dress, as if it held a special spirit and wisdom.

Patricia married her love in the dress and started her adult life. The dress hugged her curves and the new life in her was protected in the rose patterned netting and tulle.

Patricia would visit the dress in her closet often, sometimes taking it out to air and watch it dance in the gentle breeze. She would daydream about the adventures the dress could have had, and the joy it brought her. But she was sad to see the lace bottom peeking out of the rows of wool work skirts in her piled up closet. The lace tangled with old magazines and socks. The red lipstick dreams smeared and not tasting of cherries anymore.

Years went by, and Patricia grew into a wise and compassionate woman. She and had a little girl of her own. Patricia never forgot about the dress. She would think of the dress when she walked by store windows in the little town. Window shopping travel to exotic places in her head. A young wife walking her babies, and remembering the dreams that were now tucked under diapers and mining lunch buckets. But the dress was a reminder of the wishes and the Chantilly ruffles would stubbornly poke out of the wool and flannel sandwich wardrobe.

The dress became a silent symbol of her bravery and strength, and she shared it with many other women in the town, inspiring them to find their own beauty and strength.It was a symbol of unity, a reminder that even in the bleakest of circumstances, there is still beauty and grace. Each woman who wore the dress felt a sense of empowerment, a reminder that they too were capable of greatness.

Patricia’s little girl, who was fascinated by the beauty and magic of the dress, would hide under the skirt. She would peer through the lace cutouts with huge clear blue eyes, and run her hands through the ruffles giggling.

One day Patricia came home and across the kitchen floor was her dress. The lace and sequins were spilled out all over the floor, pieces of Chantilly roses were laying like rose petals on the harvest gold linoleum, cut it into pieces to make a doll dress. Her daughter excited to share her new found sewing skills with her mother. Excitement about the gift she has made for her little sister.

Patricia was heartbroken, her dress was destroyed, pieces everywhere, like her dreams. But at the same time, she was filled with a sense of pride of her daughters growing creative spirit. The act of cutting the dress represented the creativity and determination of her daughter and the many other young women in her community. Patricia gathered the sequins and pearls and placed them in a box and smiled sadly.

As the daughter grew into an artist and had her own daughter and granddaughter the pieces of the dress were kept in a ribbon tied box. The pieces of the dress became symbols of wisdom and spirit, each piece telling a different story of hope and strength. Time went by as it does and the story of the cut up dress was legendary kitchen table giggles. But Patricia remembered and the dress was still whispering in pieces.

In silent hiding the saved pieces of the dress travelled with Patricia’s daughter. They were taken out for the granddaughters wedding and used in the decor and then placed back into the ribbon tied box. The stiffness of the lace moved to a soft feather memory of the hand made patterns, the sequins iridescence somehow brighter in age.

How does one give back the dress, the hopes and invisible threads that were lost. Search for a new one or bring the generations together to create a story with the kept pieces. The four women came together to create a beautiful piece of art that symbolized the power and wisdom of the dress. The pieces were brought together onto the new dress and the pieces lost were sewn into the poetry of the coming together. The art dress was shared and displayed in the town, with a powerful story created as a reminder that the power of Patricia’s dress was not just in its beauty, but in the ability to raise others to greatness and the kindness and sacrifice is a mother’s touch.

And so, Patricia’s dress lived on, not just in the threads and lace, but in the memories and hearts of all who had been touched by its spirit. The pieces of the dress and the pieces of Patricia became like a fine tapestry of poetry, woven together in a life well done.

The power of Patricia’s dress was in its ability to raise others to greatness, to remind them of their own beauty and strength. It was a masterpiece, not just in its design, but in the emotions and spirits it brought to life. The dress was a symbol of life, sometimes cut apart, but always there, its lace like a spine of strength, reminding all not to be afraid of the cuts that life may bring.

And so, Patricia’s dress became a timeless tale of love, courage, and the beauty that can be found in even the most unexpected places. It was a story to be passed down from generation to generation, reminding all who heard it of the power and magic of a simple piece of lace


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