Pieces of Her…..

If you could talk about a life, a life created in pieces, sewn piece by piece together as we learn skills and hope shines bright on our future. There is sometimes a constant. The dress, the skirt, the apron. The piece of fabric we pin our hopes and dreams on. But the threads as strong as they are, sewn by mothers, grandmothers, aunts and friends can not stop the pieces that are cut away, torn away and stolen. Piece by piece we are laid bare. Made naked by scripts that movies are made of. Unspoken crumbs on the path become boulders and high school seems to be not something some of us survived but a comedy of life that exists in community and social injustices that we did not wear on kindergarten cotton dresses. Piece by piece as we plan for fancy dresses, maternity dresses, work dresses, romantic dresses, and our death dresses, one dress to me is very equalizing. The wedding dress. This exhibition is not about marriage. It is about the canvas of the white dress and the pieces that lay around the feet of the women who piece by piece fell apart and piece by piece she sewed herself together… piece by piece we are all connected. xo michelle

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