The History of Wayfinder Art Projects and the Transformative Power of Murals

Have you ever walked down a street and been stopped in your tracks by a stunning mural? For many communities, public art has become a source of pride and a symbol of hope. In the latest episode of the AR:T ROUTE RADIO, host Michelle Loughery, an accomplished artist and founder of the Wayfinder Art Projects, discusses the impact that mural art can have on communities and how her WAYFINDER ART model is making a difference.

The Wayfinder Art Project works with communities to create public art that serves as a “wayfinder” for those in need. Their murals are designed to uplift and inspire, but also serve as a symbol of hope for communities that have experienced hardship. Loughery explains that the organization’s mission is to use public art as a tool for community development and to “tell the stories of the people who live there”.

Loughery shares her own personal story and how public art has impacted her life, including a childhood experience where she first saw the power of a mural to bring a community together. She goes on to explain the process of creating a Wayfinder mural, from engaging with the community to determine what they want to see on the wall, to the actual painting process. Loughery emphasizes the importance of involving the community in the creation of the mural and how this helps to build a sense of ownership and pride in the finished product.

In the episode, Loughery also discusses the challenges and rewards of creating public art in a socially conscious way. She explains that it can be difficult to balance the need to create something beautiful with the need to tell an important story, but the end result is always worth it when you see the positive impact it has on the community.

The episode provides a fascinating look into the world of mural art and the impact it can have on communities. For those interested in public art or for those who simply appreciate the power of a well-done mural, this episode is a must-listen.

Michelle Loughery and the Wayfinder Art Projects are proof that public art can be more than just a decoration. It can be a source of inspiration and a tool for change, bringing communities together and telling the stories of the people who live there. So the next time you come across a mural, take a moment to appreciate the power of public art and the impact it can have on the world around us.

Magenta Diaries with Guest Artist Maya Ritchey E039 ART ROUTE Radio

On the first episode of the Magenta Diaries series, Artist Michelle Loughery spends time with emerging artist Maya Ritchey.   The two talk content making, creative similarities, and the bonds of collaboration and authenticity in the arts as a passion.     Follow theses links to learn more … Shaw Spotlight by Maya Ritchey: Artist Michelle Loughery Maker of Murals  Creative Community Inventor Michelle Loughery empowers her community.   Artist Maya Ritchey Instagram Cinematographer, Writer, Director & Performance Artist Subscribe and follow, and donate to the podcast! Buy Me a Coffee on AR:T ROUTE Radio!  Donate here and support Wayfinder Projects and help us share more Wayfinder ART stories. AR:T ROUTE Radio – subscribe and follow here …  Artist Michelle Loughery Instagram   |   AR:T ROUTE Radio Instagram  |  AR:T ROUTE Radio The Creative Wayfinding Network |  Take it to the Wall Blog  | AR:T Route Radio Facebook AR:T ROUTE Radio is an emerging canvas of immersive AR:T experience spots, art installations, mapped destination digital murals towns, with highlights of the hidden stories of Loughery’s and other artist’s work and the inspiring people you meet when painting on the streets.  Conversations about community art, social change, and so much more.   A 30-year mural pioneer, Master Artist Michelle Loughery has created numerous award winning mural projects, raised millions for communities through her innovative Wayfinder art program. Loughery is bringing stories of the power of community art to the digital wall. See the radio and hear the street art!  BIG ART, BIG WALLS, BIG STORIES!  Join our communities on Instagram and Facebook!   @artistmichelleloughery @artrouteradio @womenofmichel @artrouteblue  @thesunflowerproject.ca    "We acknowledge that we work and gather in the northern part of the unceded Okanagan First Nation territory and that many descendants of the Suqnaquinx still live here.” © 2023 Michelle Loughery Productions. All Rights Reserved. 
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