Route Blue have had roots of indigo for a very long time. As the AR:T ROUTE BLUE CREATIVE HIGHWAY is becoming a digital monument movement, it has taken me back to my roots. And I am overwhelmed by the support and vision of so many people along the way. “Art is not supposed to match your sofa” is pinned to the board of the wall in the attached photo.

This is where my mural and youth projects got their start. In a rural community, based on resource industry, up and downfall town, youth, history and community art. Artists and people working their asses off together, to build a creative rural community that could survive resource downturns.

I am an immigrant grandchild of Canada. I am proud of that. And from the beginning the idea that community art should have to fight for every dime to be able to connect the creative resources of rural communities, has been a bone of contention for me, and many, for decades.

Art and our creative people are the back bone of our rural communities. There is always huge support financially for sport facilities and infrastructure. Community Art is infrastructure. It is the threads that tie a community together. It is our song, our future and our past. So many people have build social and economic industry through community art. Rural communities are full of brilliant community builders, and until that resource is on the financial books of our governments budgets as the resource it is: we will be missing out on a socio- economic tool that is the future of Canada. I am thinking of the women who were the start of #ROUTE BLUE..SPARWOOD BC- Michel- Natal BC. I am thinking of my Auntie Lorraine, my Grandmother Famie, My mother and the women that taught me that community is busy hands tirelessly working to keep their communities strong. Bake sales are part of this economy! and yes baking a good pie..is an art. Trust me …it alludes me to this day! dreams of Huckleberry pies and the ladies of Michel Natal.

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