Favorite Picture #routeblue

Mural Moments on the Highway

There are times on a wall, when the sun is just right, and the day has been a good day That the wall decides to succumb to the art. The wall can be a monster. A monster to battle, to climb and to conquer. A place to come to everyday, to feel safe, to talk to people that stop to say hi and share their stories. Most of all it is the place between the past and the future. It is now!  After the wall is done and the crew climbs off the tower, crosses the street, and stands on the other side of the road, you can always be sure there is something that needs fixed. A stray piece of masking tape, or a line that just is not right.. This day, well the chin was just not right.  And from a perch higher than us safe,  if you reach far enough, the right stroke, and the right amount of paint, will add the magic to make the mural monster say.. ok and lay down to the art. This was one of those days. #Vernon B.C. #routeblue #firechief mural


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