The Winds of Change! Gifts left on scaffolding along #ROUTE BLUE CREATIVE HIGHWAY @michelleloughery

The winds of change. A poem left pinned to the scaffolding one day in 2001.  Found in the bottom of a box of archival mural pics April 1, 2017

And did you really know, and were you ever really sure, when your life really changes.

Bringing those winds of change!

We really go back, round and round like a carousel.

Seeing those faces of the many people in cultures and interconnecting in harmony.

Like a muralist paints her pictures on a wall, a lot of open hearts lie ahead, waiting for change, where one life can really make a difference.

Little harmonies & melodies

And when you really get to know ourselves, and a little more about life, its all for just a little wee bit of inner contentedness.

Your face like the wind, like that expression painted on the wall.

The artwork is in our daily work.

The road is your home, amidst these winds of change.

author unknown except for BFullSizeRender.jpg


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