Tomorrow is the day for the installation of the first 2022 Sunflower Art Exhibition. This year we have partnered with Gallery Vertigo in Vernon B.C.

The last years have really been challenging and as we thought the end was in site, we now see that life will alas always be different. The tremendous fear that coated us all like sticky sap that somehow made life just a bit sticky in all the wrong places all the time has turned to perhaps a bit of a duller version of what we thought we all were doing. Now I am not sure anyone even remembers what we were all so in a hurry doing.

Now here we sit, some of us healing from Covid, some of my friends anxious about a path forward with the new norm and some days all of us just saying “enough ” and lets just move on.

What ever the norm is, I only know this. The natural world as seasons and decades that have seasons and if I plant one sunflower seed of light, and I ask two friends, and you ask two friends, this planet can be filled with sunflowers, and light. Sunflowers to me represent the work it took for those in my small Canadian Coal Mining town to get up after disasters, fires, mine tragedies, and to start again. This is my call for action. The power of the sunflower is in the food it leaves behind, the source of fibre for manufacturing and the hope the world will be bright again. Join us as we start the renewal with just one seed

Faith and Sunflowers

What does it take to be able to breath 

Faith & Sunflowers, and honey bees

What does it take to be able to see?

Faith and Sunflowers, and honey bees

What does it take when you are down on your knees?

Faith & Sunflowers, and honey bees.

When the light is over the next mountain top

Joy and happiness has happened to stop

What does it take to be able to see?

Faith & Sunflowers and you and me.

Faith and sunflowers, and little drops of rain…kissing the earth and awakening us again.

Feel the earth and smell the seas,

Walk the planet as gentle as can be.

Shine the light and feel the sun.

Faith and Sunflowers, and Honey Bees.

Faith and Sunflowers and little drops of love.. kindness leading us to the sun.

Faith and Sunflowers and honey Bees 

Faith and Sunflowers and you and me.

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