Artists work with their hands and hearts. And create art that shares her heart.

Master Artist aj Jaeger does just that. she wears her-art on her walls and on the walls of those that collect her work world wide.

Put the kettle on and make a cup of really good tea. And listen to aj and I talk about the exposed layers of the hidden work of an artful life.



Queen of the Canadian Highways Guest Lorrie Fleming E014 ART ROUTE Radio

As Michelle and Lorrie discuss their passion for highway culture and the knowledge that our roots are steeped by the ones who have passed before us.  Pour a cup of tea and see the road, hear the art on this episode of AR:T Route Radio. Lorrie states, "the world is brilliantly coloured by Michelle's motivation and her believing in me and the power of purpose of a multi-generational society that's strengthened by the foundation of which only our elders can convey. Here's to Art Route Blue weaved into a multi-coloured security blanket keeping us warm & thriving in a circle of hope … as we rebuild our routes with roots.    Lorrie Fleming – “My realization that 'age is a gift to humanity'!  I turned 70 in May and this milestone hangs heavily on my personal feeling of self-worth. But then I saw the gift. The wisdom that our elders carry to society is priceless.    photo courtesy of Michelle Loughery  Learn more about Lorrie Fleming, founder of the Canadian Route 66 Association …  AR:T Wayfinder – Route 66/99 Highway Travel Journeys https://artrouteblue.com/art-wayfinder-lorrie-fleming/ BC Achievement Foundation Recipient  https://www.bcachievement.com/awardee/lorrie-fleming/ Learn more about Master Muralist Michelle Loughery and her Route 66 Mural City, Cuba MO mural project. https://cubamomurals.com/2010/05/mural-artist-update-for-canadian-artist-michelle-loughery/ AR:T ROUTE Blue https://artrouteblue.com/history-of-the-blue/   Join Master Artist MICHELLE LOUGHERY and guests as they “TAKE IT TO THE WALL” through conversations about art as placemaking, social change, and so much more. Host Master Muralist Michelle Loughery AR:T ROUTE Blue music by Tanya Lipscomb. The Sunflower Project @thesunflowerproject.ca                   Master Artist Michelle Loughery –  Host AR:T ROUTE Radio. http://www.MichelleLoughery.org Master Artist, Muralist and Artitect thinker. Creative place maker, community and youth champion. The works of art in communities, are the threads that tie us together. The stories in the paint unite us all. subscribe to Loughery's ART BLOG – TAKE IT TO THE WALL. Linkedin  |  Instagram Twitter: @mlougherymurals @route_blue Tags: #artistmichelleloughery #artrouteradio #artrouteblue #takeittothewall #artisttalks #wayfinderart #bluewayfinder           AR:T ROUTE Radio – Host Master Artist Michelle Loughery & friends.  THE ARTIST WAYFINDING Network. See the radio and hear the street art! BIG ART, BIG WALLS, BIG STORIES! When Walls Talk! Join Master Artist Michelle Loughery and friends, as they bring community mural art to life. Subscribe to AR:T ROUTE Radio Podcast & Blog! Instagram  |  Facebook Twitter: @mlougherymurals @route_blue Tags: #artistmichelleloughery #artrouteradio #artrouteblue #takeittothewall   Join our communities on Instagram and Facebook! @artistmichelleloughery @artrouteradio @artrouteblue  @thesunflowerproject.ca    © 2021 Michelle Loughery, All Rights Reserved 
  1. Queen of the Canadian Highways Guest Lorrie Fleming E014
  2. Turning the Lens with Guest Artist aj Jaeger E013
  3. Taking it to the Wall with Guest Artist Kerri Parnell E012
  4. Nelson International Mural Festival with Guest Artist Sydney Black E011
  5. Sunflower Wisdom with Guest Artist Claudia Salguero E010

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