Art in the beholder’s eye

Written by Lorrie Flemming an excerpt from the travel diaries of "The mother road" Far Beyond what you can see a non Artist View by Lorrie Flemming Art in it's true form lies deeply within the "eyes of the beholder", a stated fact through the ages. As a seasoned traveler, touched but he beauty that [...]



Watch video on Project TOMATO RED MURAL Youth Crew on Mural -now on Big Screen Premiering March 3  2018 Kamloops Film Festival There is always a story behind every mural. There is always more than paint on the wall. The paint may be attached to the building, and the artist may have let us paint their [...]

Winter blues

I am looking at the winter this year as one of creativity.  The numerous snow storms have filled my lens with so many opportunities. A new camera lens that captures the breathe of the snow and the whispers of the ice. Many things have come to fruition through the camera. The eyes of artists see [...]


Today as I write my thoughts and think of the end of January, I am thinking 2018 is the cutting away of things no longer useful to me or no longer bringing me joy.  Renewal is feeling bright on the horizon. Route Blue is moving along so well, with a wonderful art show in Kelowna [...]

Socio economics & murals

Tourism is not exclusively an economic movement, it also involves social, cultural, political and environmental aspects. It is important to realize that any assessment of tourism impacts should not only be concerned with the tangible economic effects such as revenue and foreign exchange earnings, but also with non-economic and intangible effects, such as social and [...]