YOUTH THAT TOUCHED THE WALLS There were hundreds of youth that the walls or as known to most the murals have touched..for the next month I will highlight some of these success stories of opportunity youth. These youth are lined up in the space between the system and the walls in our streets. They are the future of this country, as they are the steam to the STEM or systems that our boxes say they need programming for. We needRead more

Why the sunflower?

Message of the Sunflowers: 
A Magic Symbol of Peace
by Georgianna Moore, March 2002   Once upon a time the earth was even more beautiful than it is today. The water was pure and deep, reflecting within itself the sunlight, which gave life to all the creatures beneath the waves The earth was green with many kinds of trees and plants. These gave food and shelter to the birds, the animals, and to all mankind. At night the air was soRead more