Written by Lorrie Fleming on February 27, 2022, in Homage to the Noble People of Ukraine  

            Michelle is someone I cherish wholeheartedly in kinship and as a gifted visionary.  She is constantly in a state of “being ahead of her time”, a term befitting a person as a pioneer in science, creative thinking, and ‘one of the Arts.

Testament of this portrayal is inset by her inner sense of envisioning Vernon’s Historic downtown ‘Sunflower Story Mural’ to honor the incredible sacrifices in the WW1 internment of Ukrainians in Canada from 1914-1920.  Moreover, Michelle envisioned a median to heighten recognition to shed light upon the resilience & courage of Ukrainian Ancestry.   In such regard, she curated an exhibit alongside a team of brilliant local artists to officiate the ‘Sunflower/Wayfinder Project’ that graced Vernon’s Gallery Vertigo in the month of February 2022.  

            For generations, Sunflowers have been worshiped as the National flower of Ukraine; and like the Spirit of Sunflowers, its people will rise above their fears in the aftershock of conflict.  Sacred representatives of the sun’s powerful energy, Sunflowers provide guidance through chaos to protect humanity and instill the will to maintain their strength of spirit & fortitude.     

What impeccable timing for Michelle’s delivery of the revered ‘Sunflower Project’ to honor and reflect the sacrifices of her Ukrainian Heritage.  Setting in motion global awareness to strengthen the power of {people, place & planet}; extending an altruistic “force of unity” as the world views from afar this shocking news unfold.   Amid the struggle faced by the citizens of Ukraine, now more than ever the beloved Sunflowers have risen as noble saviors in humanitarian efforts.  

The resilience & comradeship of the Ukrainian people to rise above their fears in determination to protect their country is a true reflection of patriotism and loyalty to their sovereign heritage.  My heart is heavy, and my soul is fraught in disbelief that our world in peacetime has been shattered in seconds.

As compassionate Wayfinders and Sunflower Sisters, may we collectively appeal to an Army of Artists & Visionaries (like you, Michelle) to move this global unrest to a sense of solid ground; and bring the people of Ukraine rightfully back to their home.

Written by the Power of “The Blue & Yellow”,

Lorrie, A Sunflower Sister

Signed with Tears

   “The Road to Freedom is Bordered with Sunflowers”

Quote by Martin Firrell – Public Humanist Artist

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