women and blue

It is a well know fact that I have been a huge advocate for copyright. Now I know that this flag, has made me out to be called unreasonable, as well as many less flattering verbs; but here is the thing.

It is an important stand to make as a women. Women have built communities with their hands and their skills for centuries. We have toiled, invented, sewed, written, painted, created, designed, filmed, spoken and built. This is part of our DNA make up to create. In this creative economy this levels the playing field in the place we can rise up to support each other as women. Knowledge is power and to control ones own creative economy is imperative. This journey for me has not been kind. Look around at what is built with the creative arts. We give with open arms and hands. But until we come together as look at how those rights are stacked, we are not in our power. We must support those modernizing and challenging those rules. I am an artist and I give of my art. But I will not be taken out of my own economy.. I am blue and I stand true to the gifts the creator has given…even if it makes me look unreasonable…lol Am I unreasonable when someone comes into my bakery and takes all my bread away for free? Artists share their daily bread…but when someone wants to take it and they already have so much bread.. you just have to say…NO!

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