Drawing a Blueline on the Grid

Drawing a Blueline on the Grid

Viewing the Horizon Through an Artist’s Eyes

By Lorrie Fleming


By following a connective grid, Michelle has discovered that ancient paths exist along a gridline that is transforming the spirit of “Route Blue”!  Emerging in a triangular course, a geomancy in the form of a line is cutting the ground using an energy field with precision as seen through Michelle’s eyes.


In clear consciousness, Michelle is following a natural trajectory of a trackway spanning across a magnetic gridline using the same flyway as migrating birds.        Adding to her toolkit of art supplies, the principle of geometry is applied by Michelle to overarch her ‘blueline’ to carve a permanent guide into the future of travel.


A natural phenomenon was sighted by an archeologist in 1921 by the discovery of Ley lines along the Earth’s magnetic energy grid having electrical currents (described as being the veins of Mother Earth).   Geologists follow these Ley lines in alignment of geographical interest, such as ancient monuments that are thought by certain adherents and new age beliefs to have spiritual powers.


Looking into the future, Michelle plans to set her sights on reaching out to Route 66 kinfolk within “The Road Ahead Partnership”, an initiative to open doors on the line of travel along the bloodlines of the Mother Road.


Notwithstanding, that our history speaks through a land of braided trails and that dust beneath the ruts can have a succinct voice {between the lines} through time travel.  For fear that we lose sight of our heritage, I heed the words of a fellow Route 66 aficionado who voiced “Sometimes a historic trail isn’t discovered until it is lost”!


“If time travel is possible, where are the tourists from the future?”
― Stephen Hawking, A Brief History of Time


Sincerely, Lorrie Fleming

Written from the heart and inspired by a telephone conversation shared between Myself, Michelle & Stacey on the evening of January 8, 2019

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