my home town

This is a photo of my home town. The wonderful small community that raised me. Michel/Natal. It had three names, Michel, Natal and Middletown. I was lucky enough to be named after the first, at Dawn: so Michelle Dawn is what I was called. My mom opted out of Sunny… yes as you can guess my mom was an interesting gal. A true free spirit. This photo has a story. The volkswagen bug in the picture is my moms, and she is parked outside of the dentist. Now I am not a huge fan of dentists, and this photo is a paper ink reminder of the horrible experience I was having, as the seemingly harmless bug is sitting on the street in all its pinkness. I have painted this car in one my murals. My mother also ran over my aunt in that car. She was teaching her to drive and somehow backed over her. I can remember standing helping my mother change the gears. Not the safest I agree, but I can still feel the funny metal stick bump as my mom helped me push the gear into place. And as a side point, I don’t drive a stick well either. I do though remember the needle in my mouth and to this day remember this is funny fifty years later the photo makes its way to me. I now have a picture to go with a childhood trauma…laughter and punch buggy no return blasted dentist!

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