Art in the beholder’s eye


Lorrie in Mission City  San Luis Obispo
Bob Walker Photography

Written by Lorrie Flemming

an excerpt from the travel diaries of “The mother road”

Far Beyond what you can see

a non Artist View by Lorrie Flemming

Art in it’s true form lies deeply within the “eyes of the beholder”, a stated fact through the ages. As a seasoned traveler, touched but he beauty that unfolds throughout each journey, I am drawn to places that speak to me by focusing my eye on OUTDOOR ART. Voices of legends echoing passages where we are standing today, personified by Art that pays homage to a renaissance of their vibrant stories, revived by mere glimpse of the past that reaches far into the scope of our presence.

OUTDOOR ART from the viewpoint of a traveler is the quintessential tourism service, a valuable travel guide, an “on the spot” textbook, rendering integral history lessons. By standing on duty 24-7 as the spokesperson to tell each unique story at a glance, instantaneously enhances our image as we pass through the gateways in the pages of time.

Heartfelt gratitude on behalf of my fellow “roadies” is hereby extended to all the artists who diligently set the stage to portray the accounting of specific events & vestiges, truly reflective of out cultural circles. The adage ” a picture paints a thousand words’ is an understatement of that defines the magnificence of outdoor art.

yours from the heart of the road

Lorrie Flemming

May the road be our Educator into the hourglass of time.


A snippet of artwork we discovered by a surprised stop in the Historic Mission City of San Luis Obispo on a trip to California in 2017

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