“Riding the Blue Wave”

The Mother Road Empowered by Route Blue


Written by Lorrie Fleming – for The Blue Renew Exhibit in Kelowna, BC – January 2018



Michelle & I have been riding this wave together for the past 16 years. I, the traveler with a sense of place; and Michelle, a true champion of the arts, a visionary applying her depth of field on the walls of time. Together, we pledged to find a way to mirror the success of Route 66 and set her on a new path across the border into the heartland of B.C.


Humanity has no borders…A natural & special bond developed between Michelle & I, drawn ardently together by The Mother Road, leading the nation in a transformation movement of ‘going back to its roots’ and reinventing itself as a National Historic Highway. Fueled by a shared desire to connect Route 66 with BC and to set a northbound trajectory, Michelle envisioned a crossroad, parallel to the sky, a ubiquitous guideway for all humanity to follow and she named this analogy “Route Blue”! Michelle adds a breath of life to her visionary quest of Route Blue by introducing the majestic & powerful bloodlines of a “Blue Horse” to move us forward with wisdom & grace.


In the true spirt of the horse symbolic of movement, travel and desire, Michelle is garnering a partnership to build an international community through an extension of “The Mother Road”. To tie it all together, like dots on a map, it takes a visionary (such as Michelle) to channel a positive direction and to overcome the barriers that may become obstacles to block our passage.


A fellow highway enthusiast and special colleague of ours, Jim Conkle, renown as the national spokesperson for Route 66, recognizes the fact that The Mother Road passes through eight states on its linear path across the nation. But, Jim truly believes there are (9) states on this journey; and the ninth is “The State of Mind”! Sharing the words of wisdom of yet another great humanitarian, Walt Disney, who stated “Always be in a state of becoming” …


In closing, Michelle has profoundly blessed us with her amazing vision of ‘Route Blue’, infusing humanity with endless possibilities, driven by the power of a mystical ‘Blue Horse’ adding a pure touch of life and a genuine purposeful meaning to this newly unveiled ‘Ribbon of Blue’!


Yours truly, Expressed from my heart with a splash of blue…




The world needs dreamers and the world needs doers. But above all, the world needs dreamers who do!”

{Sarah Ban Breathnach ~ American Author, philanthropist & public speaker}

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