Michelle Loughery Wayfinder Programs are about connecting through community applied fine art technology programs, people, and the environment -in our sense of place for social and economic growth.

Bridging the space between …

Government, Resources and Communities,

Technology and Life,

Institutions and Life,

RuralCreates Community Building and People,

Generations and People-talent experience,

Connects Culture.

In those spaces connections are made,
The blue sky connection of pathways is Wayfinder

Connections mean common ground and inclusion.


Using community art and the Michelle Loughery signature Wayfinder artWORKS applied fine art (CONTRACT ART)philosophy to engage youth and communities to learn transferable relevant life and employment skills while helping to build sustainable partnerships from within people and communities.

ROUTE BLUE is a community and people connection bridge to the physical and digital story telling highway project network … the paths of the past to pave a road to the future. Route Blue is a art story telling journal of the places Michelle’ art has touched and the people who have graced the stories and adventures along the way! As the immigrants before her the highways have led Michelle and her paint brush to weave stories of the past with stories to the future! Route Blue is that map, that trail and the place where artists, the true blue horses, have come together to create the wall drawings of this generation.


A connection movement in partnerships in high profile Community Diversity Art Story telling Projects with inclusiveness for all people.

P6 plus (Public, Private, non-Profit, People, Project Partnership)

Project Based Inclusion Paths are IMPERATIVE to INCLUSION and community social growth. Connected community paths are imperative to Economics and Tourism.

Common Ground- HIGHWAYS|ANCIENT Braided TRAILS|PATH FORWARD-True reconciliation partnerships through:

Visionary Michelle Loughery brings forward the wisdom of true community passed onto her by her immigrant Canadian roots. Coal mining dust in her veins the sense of community placement through all nations communication was vital for survival in the building of Canada. Those roots have formed a base for her structures artistically socially economically in the innovative community arts programming she developed and the charity she fostered with her amazing team to perpetuate her legacy. Aboriginal and non aboriginal youth and cultural skills learning through ‘the people’ strategies, with art based socioeconomics, partnership procurement, tourism, business, community and project innovation

An art-based initiative in a multi partnership social enterprises model that uses trend street / community art to attract youth to participate. A tourism legacy is left behind as a tool for Economic Growth in a blue trail of stories and adventures

The Journey starts here …

  • Legacy Tourism Trail from within Communities:
  • Applied Art of Skills in  Work in Life- Applied FINEART WORKs
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