Artist Collaboration Caetani Story

The Artists at work

The Caetani Family installation at the Caetani House was a labour of love from many Artists. Born from the Diversity Mural Project, done in partnership with the Greater Vernon Museum and School District 22, this piece was donated to the Splash of Red to help support keeping this important story a living legacy. Sveva the true artist is surrounded by history, drama, pain, love and passion. The twisted story reveals a woman of brave silken passion, with extreme talent and words to leave us, but more importantly to the world.

Artists Michelle Loughery, aj Jaeger, Gale Woodhouse, Rob Creelman, Pat Doyle, Melissa Dinwoody, Sandra De Vries, Rachel Zubick worked collectively on this piece.

The major part of the work happened one night up at Michelle Loughery studio..much fun was had. Rob working all day trying to paint %#$%#$^%#marbles…the learning of painting of buoys, way harder that it would seem it should be. The metal being cut with his capable hands and artist eye, and Leone in his maleness was formed from steel. Melissa creating her fabulous faces on buoys, her lines strong and full of passion. Her hand then deciding soft chalk line moths would work better and represent the lines of sketches from ancient sketch books, and in true artist spirit moved her faces to the next install. One that will be very exciting for sure.

And Gale Woodhouse, the brilliant artist and genius of all things art. She drove in, her car full of wonderful pieces, each one a masterpiece on its own, a broken wing, a full bird, a wonderful clay buoy. With wonder we watched her bring out various pieces and stages of her work, and all of us there were humbled by her and her work.  Pat Doyle lent the colour and light to the piece, her glass bringing Italy to the Ophelia piece, the orange shy and then bold next to the ancient bouys.

aj Jaeger brings the story and the words of the family to the piece. Strength of Art and the ability to see beyond the art, but in the art at the same time. Her heart buoys and dotted buoy represent the heart of the house and the breathe of a country so far away. the dotted buoy is the clothing art that draped the bodies of these women. Life lived in art and heart.  Rachel Zubick stopped in to give us her glass beads. Wonderful pieces of ice cube coloured mini sculptures all crisp and colourful, and their addition was like words attached to the barbed wire telling the story of the locked in artist.

Judy Rose…Judy brought to the piece the music and the touch of french beauty and grace to show us the lives the family led before their move to Canada. The silk of the clothing and  lifes opulence exchanged for the raw beauty of Canada. Why? We will never know. Hints of passionate love affairs and a story fit for the movie screen.

Sandra De Vries, lent pieces of her art, wonderful sculptures of metal that explode into the world with her sculptures and yarn bombing. Inquisitive pieces that were at her studio at the house that lent the details, the details of the hours of watercolour strokes that Sveva poured into her paintings.

And Michelle Loughery, a visionary of bringing people together. Buoys as art..Art debris..the face of Sveva sits proudly looking over the yard. During the painting, the buoy fell from the pole. The hours painted, lost in the three bounces across the patio. Picking up the broken buoy and face of Sveva, a simple idea, screw it back together..use metal and screws and hands and put the pieces that fell apart into something beautiful.   This represents Sveva.  She took a life broken and put it back into something Beautiful.


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