In the many years of building rural community through public space art, I am moved to tears by the people that have come together through heart and hard work. I have also been moved to tears by the ones without kindness and vision that have tried to block the community inclusiveness and connection that is the true creative community.  I am grateful for both of those variety of tears. Tears are strength and a release of sadness for the flaws we share in the human capacity to share. I have been blessed to work with so many that are not afraid of the tears they shed. For the times they have brushed off abuse and people in power who block what can support the sustainability of all. Fear of change, control, greed, ego? I will never figure it out.. But I know this to be true Bl:ue…those that run with the Blue herd of horses..we run…we cry ..we connect..we create community and we have vision….and we are not afraid to cry………Thank you for all of you who have made me cry….I am better for both

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