#Cuba, Missouri -Route Blue http://www.osagetraillegacy.com


Many years ago I was lucky enough to meet a woman named Michelle Steiger. We met when the internet was young and she reached out to me to learn how to create murals and a mural town. This journey proved to be a wonderful life long connection to the small town on Route 66, named Cuba, in Missouri. Many stories have weaved their way into my life and my career from this meeting, and I will be telling more of these soon, but the plan when the first meeting with the wonderful people of VIVA CUBA, was to have 13 murals, renew their small community and bring creative art to their economic future. This week VIVA CUBA celebrated that 13th mural, in a town I had suggested become the #ROUTE 66 Mural City and I am so full of pride at what this group of people have accomplished. The Osaga Trail Legacy

is another great addition to the First People of their area and a tribute that is outstanding in stature and respect. Congrats to all of the energies and passion that this community put into making their small town dream a reality. My cup runneth over with pride and wonder and the knowledge that these people are my friends.


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