Blue Horses


This is the Blue horse. She is community and heart and she is brave. There is a place in communities between the cities and the system and this is where those that are unconnected can be connected. They are the design thinkers and the city builders, the dreamers and the champions, the creative and the visionaries. They are the blue horses. The ones that run the length of road to the finish line, for the act of the passion that knows no reason. The heat and the dirt and the explosion of potential.

The Blue Horses are those that seek excellence in everyday living. The board used for this painting was part of an art collaboration that told the human rights infraction stories of all the first people in Canada. The ones that we borrow the land from and the new Canadians that toiled to get and stay here. First people of the land and the hand ancient learning that passed through us all in the talents lent to us by all of our fore tribes. We are all the Blue Horse tribe; we use creative strength and skills taught us down the generations to take hard steel to bend steel for shoes for horse feet. We run and create like the wild blue horses. We are not red or white or brown or yellow; we are blue horses of one tribe, our commonality is the hands that build and protect our lives and loves. That toil and till. And run like the horses do.

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