ROUTE BLUE Diversity Art Buoys

The Diversity Mural Bead Public ART Installation is inspired by thousands of years of ancient hand to land art skills across all cultures, the art-making experiential process, environmental stewardship and the Big Idea – “Where did I come from?”

This community engagement installation is about celebrating our diverse cultures and our nation’s multicultural heritage. Diversity Mural Beads engage community through creating art out of rescued ocean buoys and connecting our cultural heritage connections in celebration of the Canada 150 . The connected bead boys will be installed in a temporary art engagement piece at the Greater Vernon Museum..on the day of the installation all painters will be engaged in adding their painted buoys to the connected engagement piece on June 27th multicultural day at the Greater Vernon Museum Multicultural Celebration.

Twenty five signature artists will also be connecting their fine art signature Diversity Beads into the temporary installation.
The buoys will then travel to future Route Blue Buoy Trail installations at Silver Star Resort.

The installation is to create conversation about the diversity strengths of Canada and the path forward to the next 150 years.
People Place Planet :: seeing our communities as learning environments – ART & History Inspire!! Michelle Loughery Route Blue & Greater Vernon Museum and Archives.. join us with….…and engage your story

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