ROUTE BLUE support

May 3, 2016

Letter of Support for “Route Blue”
Submitted on behalf of Michelle Loughery – Project Founder & Facilitator for the Route Blue Initiative
Subject: Canada’s 150th Legacy for Tourism

I am writing to you to support Michelle Loughery’s vision of ‘Route Blue’ as being a tourism draw to blend an international community as a tribute to celebrating Canada’s 150th Milestone. Together, Michelle & I share a passion to tell our story of our inclusive cultural & social commonalities by joining together our first nations & immigrants of all ethnicities, to move forward in economic stability by a cross-border reach.

In the spirit of a shared vision, Michelle’s ‘Route Blue’ initiative holds a key to showcase our history through the continuation of the braided trails that connect us. The words inscribed in the frieze within the Peach Arch monument located at the international border reads “Children of a Common Mother”. Building an international community through an extension of “The Mother Road” (a highway that symbolizes & embodies our shared heritage) that reflects a special bond with the Route Blue initiative. Route Blue celebrates equality by forming a circle with no corners to draw economic development and a marketing platform on an international scale moving forward.

Within the fold of our heritage spaces lies the Historic O’Keefe Ranch standing guard as a pillar to tell our unique stories and preserve noble landmark locations that reflect our legacy. Following the path of the Okanagan Trail, the O’Keefe ranchers drove cattle along the Oregon Treaty Route (est. 1846) supporting the demands of this burgeoning region during the gold rush era that contributed significantly to the development of BC as a province in the Dominion of Canada. The impact of cross-border influence is paramount to the vestiges of public art, music, culture and digitalizing of our history.

As water flows beyond borders in a natural passage, ‘Route Blue’ symbolizes the spirit of the horse, building a vibrant international community & transportation corridor.

In closing, our history speaks through a land of braided trails that extends beyond borders moving in the “Spirit of the Horse on Route Blue”…

Respectfully submitted on behalf of Michelle Loughery,

Lorrie Fleming
70 Mile House, BC
Situated in the Heart of the Historic Cariboo Gold Rush Highway

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