Culture of Blue

There is culture in our blood. There is many hands that sew and decorate fabric that we use to celebrate and share our cultures and colours. Watching women try on gorgeous garments with jewel tones dancing around their bodies and giggles coming out from the change rooms there was a magic fun to the room. Exotic and home like at the same time. A room full of women feeling like princesses as they ran their eyes over each colourful garment. Dal Vir and the Bollywood event she organizes are true community events. The events that excite and engage the entire town. But most of all the event of women dressing women was an ancient and wonderful thing to be part of, and it made me think of my Baba and the colourful Ukrainian clothing she would show me as a child. Vernon BC is home to the wonderful Dal Vir and her family and her room full of blues and pinks and golds that replicate silk gardens. Route Blue is about showcasing the hidden cultures of our cities and communities, and showcasing the hands and talents that make these garments and sparkly adornments that sparkled in the light filled window.IMG_3305

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