People have been leaving way finder marks on rocks and walls since man and woman could use tools. There is deep seated need in humanity to leave something behind to mark the journeys and lives lived. Pigments smashed from nature and mixed with animal fats paved the way for the liquid colours that have been left behind like large way finding tattoos. Blue is the colour of the sky and blue is the shade of not one human. We are all shades of pigments in a vast palette on this globe. BLUE is the common ground of all “ROUTE BLUE” is all nationalities, all combined.. we are not defined only by red or white or black or yellow or brown…we together are blue. The hope for us to come together through connected creative art stories will hopefully be part of the history other than just the divide and hate that is peppering our globe. Art can elevate and enlighten to the fact we are all just one of the crayons in the 64 pack that all artists craved since kindergarten!_MG_2842

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