150 Wayfinder Murals along ROUTE 97 connecting to Route 66

Hidden Stories, Unsung Heroes and Painting Life Over

A digital & physical driving tour, where travelers can experience the glory of Route 97, while discovering hidden stories showcased in the connected murals along Highway 97.
Each community along Route 97 has original content through cultural stories, pictures and music collections unique to their own area, and the large-scale Public Art is a calling card to stop and discover more.

The global mural movement is authentically engaging people to travel and visit visual communities. This Wayfinder Mural trail invites the world to British Columbia and Canada, as Route 97 communities are already known as Mural Cities. This connected trail paints an inviting picture of the movement and the resulting community successes in a combined tourism draw.

Communities involved all along Route 97

Route 97 is such an integral, connective artery in the bloodlines of The Mother Road and Route 99. The two roads {99 & 97} meet in ‘Weed’ California, in Shasta County, and becomes the beginning of the famed Alcan Highway. The connection between Route 66 and Route 97 is exposed in the connections to Merritt, BC and Cuba, Missouri, Route 66 Mural City; another innovative mural community that was based, and created on the regional mural movement and showcased in an upcoming International film about small towns and big dreams.

The stories in the artwork are the layers to be discovered and experienced. As the mother road planted a seed to build an international community along a shared cultural journey, so can Route 97. The common ground diversity in the mural stories and connections to the people, youth and communities that supported the works, celebrate all first peoples in wisdom stories and trails.

The Wayfinder Mural trail and digital map will uncover 150 untold, hidden stories in a regional, borderless connection based experience. Storytelling, through relevant art and an integrated story telling drivable experience. The braided trails of the past, entwined with art, for the digital trails of tomorrow.

ROUTE BLUE Wayfinder Murals bring new inspiration and connection to our highways by stopping visitors and connecting and anchoring them to the community the murals are in. The invitation of the murals to stop and taste what each community has to offer, including International filming, Country Music Stars, celebrity sightings and a diverse BC Culture, will make this tour in high demand.

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