Michelle Loughery as a fly on the wall


Wayfinder is a word for finding your way..but it is much more.

How did Wayfinder come to be..? Well, a group of hard working women and men came together…to create a sense of place and space. Over and over and over again in communities all over the world.

People see the murals I create but it is truly the space between the wall and the street where the magic happens! Wayfinder became the phrase the path and the after effects of the thousands of youth and people that have been part of the projects I have been so fortunate to conduct. The coming together was a project to tie the province and nation into a community. One large multi-coloured giant crayon box. The Wayfinder compass campus and passport to employment was to bring the physical street art to the digital world and with it human to human support, skills training, life lessons, job experiences, addiction help, and truly a forced family environment that happened in the streets in the front of hundred foot scaffolding during all kids of weather and under many interesting conditions. 25 years as a fly on the wall. Did I invent this….No…it is a calling…a call to the ancient mark making hearth type learning that is in our DNA. I was gifted the opportunity to live like a paint spattered fly on the wall. Observing life…love, people, paint and place high above street traffic where colour truly meets humanity.

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