A thank you letter sent to me by Walt Duncan on behalf of S.O.L.D. members

Hello Michelle,

On behalf of the members of S.O.L.D. I would like to thank you sincerely for the presentation that you and Lois presented to our group this morning. The one comment that I heard from several of the group was that it could have continued longer as we were all learning a great deal about your Mural Projects and had many more questions and comments re the Sunflower Project that is being launched.

Please send me your mailing address as one of our members would like to send you a note of thanks on behalf of our membership. She is our Goodwill Chair and feels the written word reinforces what was said by our members to our guest speakers.
Please keep us up to date on the Sunflower Project as it unfolds. We would like to have you join us again to tell us how that project is going and hopefully have photos or a CD showing the new murals etc. as they are completed across Canada.


Walt Duncan

On behalf of S.O.L.D. Members.


Master Artist and The Wayfinder Project visionary. Podcast Host of Wayfinder AR:T ROUTE RADIO and Curator of Wayfinder AR:T ROUTE BLUE curated mural route and Wayfinder Way Life Path series

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