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Master Muralist, Award winning Artist, Award Winning Art Educator and Creative Tourism Specialist for over 30 years, Loughery has brought rural recovery and youth art program expertise to communities around the Globe. Creating opportunities for youth and community artists to meaningfully participate in community building and community revitalization though community specific community art in the community realm, creative youth interventions and inclusions and true creative community placemaking based on a strong immigrant community skills base. A visionary, community connector and an artist whose passion for giving youth a voice was a key influencer in the mural movement globally today.


Award Winning Contemporary Artist with work in collections across the Globe. Loughery’s Encaustic and large contemporary portraits are widely sought after. Her work for her 9/11 Tribute Mural can be found in the Smithsonian in New York City.


Creative Project Manager and Consultant. 30 years of expertise in Creative Community Infrastructure Building and Wayfinder Rural Creates Community and Youth Artworks Strategies World Wide.

Loughery is extremely passionate about projects that support youth and employment skills based learning. Murals become a place to return to for those that may not take the mainstream education stream. The alumni of the Wayfinder projects are now in the thousands and all have gone on to be master muralists, architects, teachers, realtors, nurses, artists, writers, app makers, carpenters, electricians and many more creative lifework careers.


Artist Loughery has added a layer of digital and augmented reality to her work with a digital lens and brush. This work is art her creative community installations

Current Projects





1999 – 2005

BC ACHIEVEMENT AWARD winner Loughery created this youth project in 1999. Innovation Award presented for the successful Downtown Revitalization infrastructure rebuild based on the Heritage Mural theme and youth trades Wayfinder program. This project was the catalyst for a downtown rebuild program that brought in close to 6 million dollars in infrastructure dollars based on the youth training in trades and Heritage theme Loughery designed. Loughery worked with CEO Susan Allen to create the BC /Okanagan Mural Project and together they extended the success of this project and started a mural town engagement employment revite movement.

Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame Mural Project

2005 – 2012

This signature Loughery project innovation created a series of larger than life murals of country music artists, but also continued the Loughery Wayfinder trades and skills development program called Loughery ARTworks. This project gave many local youth skills and social development, but was also the catalyst for the funds for the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame. During this time Loughery was also the founder of the indigenous charity Loughery Mural Artworks Foundation.

Loughery led the community and government as all rallied to support this innovation. Indigenous leaders and youth, municipal, provincial and federal governments, schools and a vast group of non profits and people came together to support a project that was a duplication of the success of the Vernon Mural Project. This project was part of the BC WIDE ART ROUTE Project that was partnered with the Province of BC in 2005. This Project continues today and is an initiative that is continuing today under the name AR:T ROUTE BLUE. Loughery’s youth model was awarded a million dollar grant to support her work in Merritt BC. This is just one stop on the ART ROUTE of Canada Destination MURALTOWN


2003 – Present

Route 66 MURAL PROJECT. Consulting and co creation of the Route 66 Mural City. This mural project has been the subject of am impact study that states that the Loughery Wayfinder Mural Town model should be emulated USA wide.



Creating a pubic art installation with over 500 youth and elders, using ocean buoys cleaned up from BC waters by Oceans Legacy Foundation. This project was an innovation of diversity and inclusion.



The Heritage Mural Project in Sparwood BC was a project dreamed up by Loughery after watching a muralist from Chemainus create three murals depicting the history of her coal mining heritage. Loughery included engagement from youth and elders and as they say the rest is history. It was during her years as CEO of the Arts and Heritage Council that Loughery learned the value of grant and community partnership in community infrastructure building. Putting community art and non profit volunteer time as a line item in community budgets on the income stream has been a passion of hers that is legendary.

photo credit the Merritt Herald/Heather Thomson

Let’s make art.

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