HIRE A MURALIST An artist that loves to paint huge murals around the world, on huge walls, while engaging young eager talent & minds.

PRO CITY MURALS is a Michelle Loughery Art MURAL COMPANY that paints professional community murals, but also offers a unique exciting MURAL ARTS Community EDUCATION SERIES to  offer resource guides to teachers to help young artists, youth, schools and communities to create murals and mural programs.
The murals connect everyone in the community through art, applied art skills and the brilliant concept of Art and History Colliding.

Murals draw the people  to the community, that sometimes live between the system and the cities. PRO CITY MURALS is Pro People and Pro City and Pro ART.

If you want a community mural in your city, you’ve come to right place.
Over painted 400 professional murals and with thousands of youth engaged and millions of dollars raised for communities globally

IMG_0407Watch mural in action

PRO CITY MURALS is the home path to many youth that navigate the community as others navigate the school systems. Michelle’s philosophy is one that believes the roots of our talent are the pathways to the future for non traditional learners.
While creating  mural spaces, these public artwork events unveil solutions to many social and economic issues faced by youth and communities today.

Certificate Master Classes on Mural Creation

Modules on PRO CITY and PRO YOUTH Engagement through Mural Art

Modules on PRO CITY ART sustainability planning ( UPKEEP and SOCIOECONOMICS)

MURALS of large scale – Themes in Heritage and Contemporary styles

Specialize in Portrait Large Scale Free Style Murals