Artist and Leader – Sheldon Louis One of the inspirations for Route Blue is the ability for the walls to tell the stories that are hidden in the millions of paint strokes that lay like warm sunshine on the cement and brick canvases. Today this artist and man and Wayfinder Warrior is embarking on a leadership role that has been his calling since he was born. The long raven haired youth that painted with the utmost of control and thought,Read more


As Route Blue evolves into the digital rural community builder it has always been physically, Elvis has to be mentioned. There is a mural in Merritt on the Merritt Dessert Inn. Why? well yes Merritt is the Country Music Capitol of Canada and that is a reason. But NO. Not the reason. The reason is that it is said that Elvis and his crew  drove by Merritt in the late 1950s on his way to Vancouver. A wonderful woman namedRead more

Culture of Blue

There is culture in our blood. There is many hands that sew and decorate fabric that we use to celebrate and share our cultures and colours. Watching women try on gorgeous garments with jewel tones dancing around their bodies and giggles coming out from the change rooms there was a magic fun to the room. Exotic and home like at the same time. A room full of women feeling like princesses as they ran their eyes over each colourful garment.Read more