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The mission of AR:T ROUTE BLUE Wayfinder is to educate, empower and inspire youth and communities through community and digital art. The art connects all generations and walks of life through talent based skills exchange and community barn raising art projects.

Art is integral to a thriving community life, and is a safe platform for risk-taking and creative expression. ART connects disadvantaged youth with consistent, encouraging mentorship and role models, through art programs, emphasizing community development, achievement, and their own positive future path. Since 1994, thousands of young artists have researched, planned, and assisted in a public art legacy of over 300 murals, films, installations and community development projects that have left social and economic legacies. Youth Artists have gained skills, support and professional art experience to build their own portfolios and resumes.

Why it attracts youth like flies!
The youth are placed in a work An environment that allows them to find their own strengths ie. Artistic aptitude is NOT a requirement for this program – some youth will find that their strengths lie in the painting of murals; others in building of scaffolding; others in prepping walls; others in marketing and publicizing the program; others in working with children; others in working with seniors; others in public education etc. etc.
The youth are placed in public and high visibility work areas – so that the community is made aware of the changes that the youth are making inside and outside of themselves- this serves the twofold purpose of making the youth accountable to the community and the community becomes accountable to the youth who are helping to improve their city
The youth are expected to complete a number of certificate and non certificate courses that will help build self-confidence and job and life skills
The program work site becomes a sanctuary of safety and acceptance for many. The program provides volunteer opportunities for other youth-at-risk to join; and they do..

Loughery Artworks  WAYFINDER Community Education Programs are available with lesson plans and downloadable mural kits for teachers at the community level to use the murals as education tools to inspire and encourage learning through community art in their classrooms. New Immigrant art celebration inclusive programming is also a key component of The Sunflower Project. Looking at the planet as a whole community, we aim to bring together all nations. With British Columbia as the home base, we hope to help youth to promote a multicultural quilt of culture at the heart of Canadian identity.


The overall purpose of this program is to take youth-at-risk and to help them develop the job and life skills that they require to take control over their future to become law abiding and contributing citizens in their community. The program has been successfully duplicated in every community Michelle has worked in. The main reason that this project is successful is that participants are not placed in classic learning situations where there is generally only one set way of doing things. For many youth-at-risk, the standardized or institutionalized methods of learning are very threatening. Thus, although, Michelle and her administrators have high expectations for the youth, the participants are placed in an open, non-threatening environment and in situations where success is achievable. As well, the steps to learning a skill are gradual and participants are given the freedom to make mistakes and often repeat the same mistakes before success is reached.

Support youth wanting to improve the quality of life in their communities

Build skills, leadership and capacity among youth participants

Revitalize communities through the energy and initiatives of youth

Incubate sustainable forms of youth community engagement

Encourage intergenerational connections through the power of the arts and their contribution to social change!

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