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What if you send  your team members for an ART DAY?

This day is a focused creative event for your team member to be an artist for the day — exploring thinking, planning and conceptualizing through visual arts. Great opportunity to expand communication, connect and build explorative teams!  Individual and group sessions. Increase your creative problem-solving skills with exercises you can use again and again. Change work and behavior patterns to inspire new thinking and new ways of working.

Break through creative blocks and generate new ideas by embracing a creative mindset.

Create cultural conditions that help others feel comfortable trying new things and learning through collaboration.

Michelle will work directly with you and your team to determine direction and desired outcomes – and then spend focused time with your individual or team- you can arrange multiple member days and culminate with a full team experience! Fantastic art exploration sessions for the team, Board or Committee members!

Using art practices explore creative ways to present to or hear vital information from your team and inspire participants to work collaboratively! Get out of the box and into a creative flow to engage and find creative communication and strategy confidence building to your teams. Michelle can build customised tools for strategic planning or training to suit the organization’s needs.  In consultation with Loughery or one of her team members, your event format and artwork(s) will be selected that have the ability to convey what you need to say, inspire or hear.

Our event formula recognizes individuality, promotes participant interaction, process negotiations and collaboration. It reiterates the idea that while your team members are individuals they are contributing to the whole event.

Each workshop  or speaking event  begins with a short presentation about mural art, the creative process and activity directions. The participants then spend about an hour and a half working individually and with each other to complete the activity. The event always wraps up with the delivery of the objective to the session with a completed art piece to bring back as a collaborative piece for the organization to hang up or share.

The events are fun and memorable! Events of this nature give your team a break from the everyday to explore their creativity. It will motivate individuals to ‘think outside of the box’ and problem solve in interesting, new and unique ways. 

The finished masterpiece(s) will carry the event results forward for the team. You may want to install the finished art at the company or the individuals can keep their own creation. Either way, the good time and message will resonate with everyone.


The events can be held at your place of business, off-site or other facilities. Virtual sessions are also available.

workshops are created specifically for your company.

You tell us the objective of this event for your team, we select the artwork, organize and facilitate the event, and you reap the benefits of a more cohesive team that is on message!

.    client briefing:  meet to focus event objectives;
.    planning and preparation of the workshop(s)
.    all required workshop materials;.



This art experience will have your team exploring their own personal creativity and critical thinking. This is a one-hour event that provides free time journaling, sketching and creating concepts and then they are guided to consider the art that surrounds them and how it affects their spirit.

  • OUT OF THE AR:T BOX -What More Can We Find—Learn how the technique of  ARTIST Thinking Strategies can help us stretch our thinking, look differently at the world, and validate our observations with evidence and action. 
  • Be uncomfortable challenge—Really understanding the experience of others is a powerful way to break down existing assumptions and tune in to their needs. That’s the role empathy plays in design and creative problem solving.  Paint in front of someone
  • Step Outside Your Context—One of the best ways to get inspired and solve a problem creatively is to look at something really different—something you might never expect to be helpful or relevant to the task at hand. Exchange the art for someone else to finish
  • Inspiration Walks— see the world through an art lens -The world is rich with inspiration, but too often we walk right by it. This exercise is an invitation to tune in, get curious, and look more closely at the world around you.

Personal AR:T WAYFINDER Mural 

This art experience will have your team exploring their own personal creativity and critical thinking. This is a one-hour event that provides a few minutes of screen free time journaling, sketching and creating concepts and then they are guided to consider the art that surrounds them and how it affects their spirit.

AR:T chat !how about a quick virtual break for your team to chat about creativity?! hosted by Loughery this interactive chat will give your team a visual break (she does a little slide show of artwork) and we pick a question that all can consider and respond to. 

I’ve been taking creative retreats for several years now.  Removing myself from my usual studio location, project, work and social environment allows me to focus and delve into my own sense of creative self like no other experience has.. On retreats where I was able to interact with other artists, I learned from them and exchanged ideas that were motivating and inspirational. I was inspired, productive and committed to my work.   

When I was searching for an organized creative retreat, I found I could not find the interaction that time spent in a collaborative way that would happen on my mural projects. The time spent on scaffolding would create collaborative meaning, skills sharing and a mutual experience that made my own practice much more in depth and meaningful.

I wondered how I could recreate this experience into my own retreats. Several years later I’m still finding a lack of dedicated creative retreats so I decided to develop one that is affordable, comfortable and flexible for other artists to participate in either physically or digitally.

I’ve designed  retreats to be focused so that artists can concentrate on their work, be social with like-minded individuals and experience locations that may well influence their body of work.

I want the retreats to give us the opportunity to dedicate time to our art, share ideas, learn through each other with constructive critiques and discussions together with the experience of another culture and environment. All of these elements afford us an influence on our work that is immeasurable and I’m inviting you to take advantage, discover the benefits of and share in this wonderful experience.

                                                                                 Painterly yours, Michelle Loughery


” Hi. Michelle. I just wanted to send you this note and thank you for the opportunities that you give to artists. You are my new earth angel.

I was working on the second part of my mural today and I was thinking about you and the gift that this project has been for me. I have been able to work through some dark spots that we all experience with this coved epidemic. The mural project has led me to many other paintings and back to it again. I am not sure that I would have been as enthusiastic without this call out. It has given me focus and drive. And now the sunflower project has awakened another part of me. Your words and invitation to participate in these projects are life giving. I also believe that it is very important and our duty as artists to shine a light into the darkness. So my dear thank you…you are a breath of fresh air” … xoxo Jo (Petty)

Contact Michelle for customized workshop prices and consulting rates.

Michelle I  am so impressed with your murals and your new endeavour with the sunflower project. Although I have been concentrating on my education for the last eight years or so and also my “Vernon Girls Trumpet Band Alumni” marching band activities,I have been watching your activities with great interest. The idea of spreading joy through this time with your project is akin to our bands endeavours as we are go around playing for people and especially people that are most effected by the COVID-19 isolation, of example care homes and our hospital etc. Also I hope this mural we are involved with brings a brightness to the area in which it sits in. Anyway I am still a big fan of your art as it is very impactful to any community you work in. We are blessed to have you. This is a time that artists can make a difference and uplift peoples spirits. If we can promote positive attitudes, that will be the key to good health and our capability to work our way out of this thing. Like that old saying goes, “We can turn our lemons into lemonade.”

Ruth Nygard

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