An innovative Community program that connects people of all ages and nationalities through art in action, partnership building strategies, that leave behind sustainable bridging to foundation trades experiences, life skills and community support and leave employment and tourism opportunities behind.

STEP 1 . Community ConsultationWayfinder RURAL CREATES

In community workshops to discover relevant rural infrastructure rebuilding needs in terms of social and economic inclusion and infrastructure potenials through creative wayfinder systems.

Wayfinder then transfers those needs into a viable “commodity” that provides employment and “PAID” training in skills that are transferable to other industries while community rebranding and renewal happens

The underlying value proposition- Wayfinder project enters the communities, has dialogue within the community and includes the communities from the ground up.

Loughery consults with communities and non profits with individual community needs in mind with the invitation to use community art to bridge education, government, industry, community and people in an engaged community building project.

The most prevalent challenges for government and industry in regards to providing skilled training and social license are finding relevant employment for people as they progress through skills -training experiences. Wayfinder and Michelle Loughery Mural Art in Action signature programs provide these relevant grass root connection strategies that are unique in the tourism, economic and social strategy legacies that are left behind.

30 years of proven project and programming success, this unique P6 (TM) formula of inclusion and networking has helped support the creative economy industry.

Duplicated in numerous  government and educational and community systems, this visual bridging pathways program has been the catalyst for thousands of students life and career paths, numerous high impact global community infrastructure builds, generating millions of economic and social benefits, as well as many  Legacy Mural Projects around the world.

As Wayfinder and Michelle Loughery ART Murals moves forward: the programs have developed into digital story telling three dimensional murals to build national and global pathways to partnerships, skill paths, and relevant social change.

Loughery’s Murals are visual modern story telling cave drawings that preserve the past, tell the present while helping pave the way for the future. Trail blazing, brave and innovative since its inception in the early 90’s the story is really taking skills out of the box and onto the walls. People out of their boxes and onto the space between the wall and change.

Identifying social challenges in their communities, youth and seniors will develop community arts-based strategies for change, and encourage their peers to become involved in the implementation. Each community project will be overseen by a project coordinator, who will be tasked with working directly with youth, so that they can identify, plan and lead youth-driven projects that transform young lives and revitalize their communities.By taking an active role in implementing a community art project, people build capacity and a sense of community engagement. In this, the program encourages pride in aboriginal heritage, youth civic engagement, capacity building, mentorship and leadership skills.

Encourage intergenerational connections through the power of the arts and their contribution to social change in Canada


  1. David Rooney says:

    Hi there:
    I am a professional journalist and online news site owner/publisher/editor/jack-of-all-trades (www.revelstokecurrent.com) as well as an artist and a member of our city’s Publi Art Committee. Vincent Wright suggested I contact you as he thinks you might be able to help us save an outdoor mural that is under threat from the elements as well as potential taggers. I wrote a story last month about this endangered piece of art. You can read it and view images of the mural in question at http://www.revelstokecurrent.com/2016/01/12/we-could-lose-a-piece-of-our-artistic-heritage/
    If you have questions I would be very pleased to talk with you either by phone or e-mail. If you think this is a project you might be interested in I’d be very happy to pay your mileage here and back and take you for lunch.
    Thanks for your kind attention.
    David F. Rooney
    The Revelstoke Current

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