The Healing Power of Cut-Up Wedding Dress Art Installations”

Wedding dresses hold a special place in our hearts, often representing love, happiness, and a new beginning. But for some women, these dresses can also represent heartache and disappointment. In this blog, we’ll explore the concept of “Pieces of Her,” cut-up wedding dress art installations that provide a powerful form of healing and self-expression for women.

  1. A Journey of Healing The process of creating a “Pieces of Her” art installation can be a journey of healing for women who have experienced heartache and disappointment. By transforming their wedding dress into a work of art, they can process their emotions and find catharsis.
  2. A Symbol of Empowerment These art installations also serve as a symbol of empowerment, as women reclaim their power and assert their independence by transforming their dress into a work of art.
  3. A Platform for Storytelling In addition to providing healing and empowerment, “Pieces of Her” also serve as a platform for storytelling. By sharing their experiences and stories through their artwork, women can inspire and empower others who have gone through similar experiences.
  4. A Celebration of Diversity Finally, “Pieces of Her” art installations celebrate diversity, as women of all ages and nationalities come together to share their experiences and emotions through their artwork.

“Pieces of Her” cut-up wedding dress art installations provide a powerful form of healing and self-expression for women. By promoting healing, empowerment, storytelling, and diversity, these art installations offer a unique and impactful way for women to process their emotions and find catharsis.

She is collaborating on the “Pieces of Her “ project with her mother who is also an artist, and other women from Michel BC and around the world.  The project is based on the pieces that are lost and shared as women walk through their lives. Loss, love, hope, and more are represented in the pieces removed from the wedding dresses and the stories the dresses tell.

Loughery has a digital story telling component to the art pieces where the viewer can listen to the story of the dress and companion portraits to the pieces.  The fun fact is Michelle cut up her mother’s Chantilly wedding dress when she was a young teen to make a doll dress. As horrible as that must have been for her mother, Loughery says her mother instead praised the doll outfit. To this day Michelle says her mother has been her greatest artistic influence.

“Pieces of Her ” is a multi media art exhibition that explores the lives of women. Loughery is interviewing women and responding to their stories while creating contemporary evocative installations of paintings, encaustic art, and deconstructed wedding dresses that when combined with her podcast platform create a place of return and healing.

The exploration is a life tribute the the community work and unseen presence of women that have inspired Loughery in life and career. Loughery was born in the small coal town of Michel BC. Named after the town, Loughery explores the deep roots of the coal and natural environment that she is from. Her stories and installations are breathtaking to behold.


September – October Fernie BC- Fernie Museum 2022

September -October Vernon BC – Gallery Vertigo 2022


Patricia Anne Sanyshyn Kozler Artist and Story Co-Narrator
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