MICHELLE LOUGHERY Art Educator and Influencer


Speaking engagements

Engagement between people, support skills and education, build communities through public art and public art events



Leaving sustainability for youth, communities and the future

Michelle Loughery is a community applied art technologist consultant that brings communities together through pubic art experiences. Wayfinder is her philosophy of using skills taught through public art as a vehicle to delivering a new effective way of bridging the gap between youth and working life.

Engaging community and community arts is a tangible way to build economic and social growth in a connections strategy that brings multilayered stakeholders together.

WAYFINDER ACADEMY courses & resource guides:

Build transferable education and employment skills programming .

Promotes culture diversity and community.

Builds tourism and social social strategies.

Leads public art as an culturalism industry.

Connects skills learning to real life community building.

Art and people engagement through art actions.

All nation inclusion and true partnership building


Michelle Loughery-Visionary -Art Educator- Founder-Programmimg

Stacey Phinnemore-Administrator-Business Management-Communications


Route Blue

BlueBird Country- advisor

Consulted/Created/ on O’Keefe Ranch Gateway/RED BARN/BIG APPLE PRODUCTIONS

Rockin River Artistic Cabin Construction Project 2015 Partnership building Okanagan College/Wayfinder/NVIT

Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame -Advisor-strategist-Artist- Designer

Route 66 Mural City, Cuba Missouri

Vernon Mural Project

Creative community inclusion business and non -­profit leader with strategies to connect organizations to a sustainable path.

• Strong networking and community and partnership inclusion strategies.

• Program and Project Management of community projects with small and. multi -­‐million dollar budgets.

• Wide experience in educational programming

• Extensive experience in trade and skills employment program creation.

• Extensive knowledge in community economic and tourism  development

• Experience in non-­‐ profit management and start up including creating strategies to encourage stakeholder and capacity building.

• First Nation Community Inclusion Experience-­‐Developing first nation youth employment and art programs: acquiring economic development, cultural and arts funding.

• Stakeholder engagement. Government relations-­‐ First Nations, municipal and federal. Grass root engagement and inclusion through youth programming.

• Development of educational systems for cultural art education systems delivered through BC Education Toolkit. BIG IDEAS• Management of multi level organizations with multi – million dollar budgets

Loughery Mural Artworks Foundation 2009-­‐2014 Community Art and Youth Employment Charity Education and Community Art Strategies with delivery in BC Education Toolkit Michelle Loughery Murals 1999-­‐2014 Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame/Merritt Walk of Stars 2005 -­‐2012 Michelle Loughery Program Creator/Director Duties:

• Act as liaison between governments, educators, shareholders and community providing key communications and strategies • Organized, coordinated events for 2009 CCMA Award Show and Country Music Week held in Vancouver, BC. Liaised Between Toronto Headquarters and Vancouver Planning committee

• Maintain public relations and grow community and stakeholders relationships both provincially and nationally. • Manage and build media relationships • Responsible for developing, planning, administrating programs and deliverable community development art and employment programming. Managing budget and grant strategies, goals and mandates of organizations.

• Secure and manage funds form government and federal and corporate sources/managing funding proposals, negotiating partnerships and developing new partnership relations including multicultural and First Nations partnerships.

Responsible for crews of at risk youth in Art and Trades Programming in delivery while creating huge public art murals.

• Creating tourism strategies and partnerships • Development policy and procedure programming for organization • Researched prepared and presented strategic business plans, marketing plans financial plans and human resource development plans.

• Project art and construction site • Created and provided extensive strategies and consulting to Board of Directors • Extensive grant application/strategic planning with stakeholders nationally and provincially.

• Established close working relationship with First Nation’s organizations and communities, especially youth and elders. Created, managed programming/funding for a First Nations art and employment skills training program for over 400 youth. Awards Won several awards for employment art programs including BC Achievement 2005/ Innovation Business Award 2006/ Okanagan Art Educator Award 2013 Nisika nomination 2014 Downtown Vernon BC Mural Project Created /designed and implemented a community art program that’s created 6 million dollars in Economic Development / created multi million dollar tourism strategy and youth trade and skills employment strategy that assisted over 500 youth. Created 30 huge public art installations Route 66 Mural City Created and designed a multi-­‐ million dollar community art and tourism strategy that has created a 50 million dollar revitalization of an entire community.


FEES will be discussed at initial call

250 558 8380

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