Legacy Digital AR:T WAYFINDING Highway Project more info


A global digital Augmented Reality Mural Art Gallery Trail Project!

Seen with a digital AR:T viewer that you download as an app and visit as an experience!

A Call for Action of Belonging and Connection!

Murals always have and will continue bringing art and history to life. AR:T ROUTE BLUE brings the people, the very creatives manufacturing the art into view, and most importantly to the creative economy and support of rural communities and youth!

Good storytelling is what makes a great mural collection, museum, gallery, so no wonder cultural and travel institutions have embraced the potential of VR and AR, the next best thing to time travel.

AR:T ROUTE BLLUE is a Michelle Loughery dreamed up project that she has been promoting as a legacy for over 25 years. As an artist, she viewed not only the art she created, but the people who stopped by. The people in the past stories she painted, and the people on the streets. The equalizing of class and education in the space in front of the large monuments she led.

The youth that shared their dreams and the communities that strived to be better. The sense of belonging on the two feet between the art and the streets, is where true connections and belonging happens. We are the people we meet when walking down the street. Today’s AR:T has a new tools… new brushes, new pens and new digital mark makers. One of these tools is our cell phone. The tool to transport space within a conversation, and the viewer and the art.

Project Objectives:

·      To collaborate with other communities throughout BC on a co-branded ‘Destination Mural Town” program with the intent of invigorating tourism in Northern BC;


·     To add communities onto a connected trail of an ARTROUTE to a network of ‘gateway’ communities linked to an ‘Art Route – Destination Mural Town’ mobile application that allows tourists to take self-led audio-visual tours of participating municipalities and regions – with audio storytelling linked to specific cultural/geographical markers and areas (ie. A history of the unique public art spots -told by the artists would be one opportunity)


·      To develop and provide knowledge through community creative mentorship modules in an arts/cultural assets toolkit that will create vibrancy in rural communities downtown core and reinvigorate public spaces while connecting artists to civic infrastructure, thus creating a new stream of economy and job creation


·      To highlight and provide creative community toolkits and creative economy capacity knowledge of existing selection of care and addition of murals and cultural and historical and creative hub art spaces.


·      To highlight and build on the creative assets in communities. Draw from capacity within the local arts community and create a connection and Rural Creates Tourism and Wayfinder Youth programming in support and toolkit modules. 

 AR:T ROUTE BLUE(TM) a authentic and real in community story movement.