The AR:TRoute Blue Artmapp platform will offer an immersive, connected digital mural travel destination guide to and within rural communities. #DESTINATIONMURALTOWN will connect to other mural towns and mural cities. The app will consist of a series of intertwining and overlapping digital and physical art experiences, all braided together with an immersive experience narrative of digital stories and augmented reality experience, through a travel and educational experience.

AR:TROUTE BLUE -WAYFINDER ART MAPP  a “digital augmented reality series of street art, music, murals and monuments” that people will be able to visit physically, or digitally through their electronic devises.

Mentoring of the creative communities along the way as pillar bridging supports for the AR:TRoute Blue Mapp. AR:TRoute Blue will showcase to the world and international markets, the history, the strength and creative resilience of all rural people of British Columbia.

Route Blue P6 social philosophy connection platform, will provide a unique social fundraising opportunity to nonprofits in rural communities. And will support youth and mental health to  provides a road map for youth, elders and creative to provincial resources, job creation, mentorship, creative entrepreneur opportunities, digital art training and social economic economy and community building, in the global movement of ARTENOMICS.