The project idea is to have rescued buoys, that the amazing non profit Ocean Legacy Foundation#OCEAN has reclaimed from the global beaches.  The Artdebris Buoys will be shared and painted by youth, elders, artists and other community members. Each installation will create unique storytelling exchanges, of where we come from and celebrate Canadian diversity.

Loughery spearheaded the project with the help of the Greater Vernon Museum and Archives, with financial help from the Government of Canada and support from the City of Vernon and the Vernon School District (SD 22). The Canada 150 Diversity Mural Bead Project features art painted on flotation buoys, which have been provided by the Ocean Legacy Foundation, a Canadian-based non-profit which conducts clean-up expeditions to mitigate ocean plastic pollution.

“Art and heritage inspires and engages in artistic storytelling and conversation,” said Loughery. “The Canada 150 – Diversity Mural Beads’ Route BlueTM Highway Buoy program will celebrate and connect our multicultural strengths. As buoys have origin stories, so do our First Peoples and new Canadians. Collectively, their stories are connected and interwoven in the roots and routes of this great nation of Canada.”


A WAYFINDER youth skills building collaborative strategy that will result in a connected creative tourism destination draw, for the Province of British Columbia and Canada. The route will consist of a series of intertwining and overlapping trails, all tied together with an overarching narrative. This narrative will have punctuated by the presentation of stories and art and music pieces, presented using modern communications technology. The effect of this will be to create a “digital with augmented reality trail” that people will be able to visit physically, or digitally through their electronic devises. Mentoring of the creative communities along the way as pillar bridging supports for the Route Blue Trail.
Route Blue will showcase to the world and international markets, The history, the strength and creative resilience off the rural people of British Columbia.  Route Blue Creative Highway provides a road map as a provincial resource, job creator, economy and community building strategy, in the global movement of ARTENOMICS.