Like the horses run

There is wonder that washes over me, every time my horses run across my field, or race around the arena, or run into the wind, their noses open to the excitement in the air. Every time it takes my breathe away. And every time I pick up a paint brush, the same excitement hits me, as the first stroke hits the canvas. The sheer joy of the colour, the luxurious feel of the paint, and the gratefulness that I haveRead more

Between home and help

Street girls It is with heavy heart that we all read the horrifying news of the Salmon River Road Murders. And it is with heavy heart that all the stories of girls I have met while painting murals in the streets around the world. The girls all have the same eyes, I swear. The big staring open looks that ask why are they in this place, lost between home and help. When did the fresh faces innocence leave and theRead more

Blue and Love

I am loved of the most romantic things my husband does is love me well with words and actions…he would tell me of his adventures in the mountains guiding and how the sky can be so blue at midnight, when the night is cold and the sky is clear. He has told me this about his mountains for 30 years… and today he sent proof…from way up in the North he sent his love and this piece of Bl:UE….#routeblueRead more