HISTORY OF SUCCESS in Creative Community Economy Building.

The WAYFINDER CREATIVE ECONOMY P6 MODEL has for the past 30 years been the catalyst for millions of dollars in sustainable project fund acquisitions and many legacy indigenous and non-indigenous training projects in communities world-wide.

This connective rural project that began in 1999, has innovated the building of community infrastructures, downtown revitalizations builds, museums and international public arts and education programing. Infusing the Wayfinder -P6 MODEL in each infrastructure project, building inspiration and practical essential life, employment and trade skills.

Wayfinder commitment to developing creative skills programming for all generations and all first people nationally and globally has been ongoing and life changing for thousands of youth and elder participants. These projects have brought a vast group of people, non-profits, funders, government, communities and creatives together to create a “people up” barn-raising legacy. AR:T Route Blue is the bridge into generation two, the digital path forward, a path of success for all.

THE WAYFINDER PROJECT on AR:TROUTE Blue.  Rather than taking shape as a physical space, AR:TROUTE Blue will be the exploitation of AI existing air APPCOVER2018space – in effect, a media based heritage story trail – a digital monument trail, with a art connected journey – and using it for the interpretation and re-interpretation of diverse and disparate aspects of Canada’s origins and history. The route will consist of a series of intertwining and overlapping trails, all tied together with an overarching narrative.  This narrative will punctuated by the presentation of Augmented reality stories, song and informative pieces presented using modern communications technology. The effect of this will be to create a “digital trail” that people will be able to follow, either physically on the ground, or intellectually through their cell phones, computers, tablets and the like. The WAYFINDER Project well it will continue to be a youth training project, art and digital media as we enter generation two of the innovation of Creative Wayfinding in communities.



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