JOIN THE MOVEMENT of THE BLUE HORSES and the find your or your communities place in the herd.

A connected Applied Art Engagement Art Project along HIGHWAYS and RURAL COMMUNITIES that has the intent to share skills and talents , build partnerships, while leaving a rural community connected tourism experience.

The arts are the conversation of humanity. Through them, our aspirations, our imaginative spirit, our creativity, our values and our voice is spread, like a canvas, upon the ever-expanding horizon of our collective consciousness.

Route Blue Wayfinder ArtConnx Project is a cross country global conversation that will support positive cultural connectivity, diversity,  well-being, socio-economics, citizenship and human striving through creatively connecting the parallel creative commonalities of  people in rural communities.

Sharing common ground and cultural landscape expressed through Community Art in a common ground WAYFINDER ART Story collecting connected trail.

The Project will seek out hidden hand to land creative talent and bring together the power of true ancient creative talent .

The shared learning, knowledge and creative collections will leave a highway legacy creative tourism tool.

A WAYFINDER youth skills building collaborative strategy that will result in a connected creative tourism destination draw, for the Province of British Columbia and Canada. The digital map will consist of a series of intertwining and overlapping trails, all tied together with an overarching narrative. This narrative will have punctuated by the presentation of stories and art and music pieces, presented using modern communications technology. The effect of this will be to create a “digital with augmented reality trail” that people will be able to visit physically, or digitally through their electronic devises. Mentoring of the creative communities along the way as pillar bridging supports for the Route Blue Trail.
Route Blue will showcase to the world and international markets, The history, the strength and creative resilience off the rural people of British Columbia.  Route Blue Creative Highway provides a road map as a provincial resource, job creator, economy and community building strategy, in the global movement of ARTENOMICS.