ON SITE:  Hire Michelle or one of her team artists to paint on a wall in your community and engage with your communtiy.

● OFF SITE MURALS : We use a technique that is called “the parachute cloth technique” in which we paint the entire mural on sheets of canvas before installing it onto the wall.

IMG_2484● COLLABORATION : This type of Mural opens up the possibility of collaboration in the creation of the mural: in the classroom, in the park, inside or outside…anything! Everyone is able to participate. Community engagement

● Installation: We install the canvas sheets in a process similar to permanent wallpaper. A mural created using this technique lasts longer than a mural painted directly onto the wall.

ROUTE BLUE MURAL : Route Blue Murals are public Murals that will be included in the Wayfinder ArtMAPPing program and app. These murals will have the potential to have augmented reality and be part of a collection of a trail of Art Murals that are part of a Creative Rural Strategy to bring the toursim of Murals to the support of Rural communities.

IMG_3532 copy

Community Participation

DESIGN: We involve the community in every part of the mural. We begin conversations with the main institutions involved in the project and later open it up to the public with community design events.

MURAL PAINT  and ART DEBRIS PARTIES: We provide a fun opportunity for the community to come out and paint the mural at a family-friendly painting event.

CELEBRATION/MURAL REVEALING: A community party to celebrate what we created together!

Community Mural & Art Debris pop up Event Parties

During the mural creation process, we work with you to host community mural or art debris parties where everyone has a chance to be a part of the art making.

The purpose of the pop up event parties are:

  • To promote a common sense of ownership of the artwork.
  • To foster shared pride in the artwork and in oneself for having made it which transforms more generally into pride in place.
  • To create an educational opportunity for the public to engage in fine art.
  • To provide a space to engage and make connectiosn and relationship between people in your community.
  • To create opportunity for youth to teach  and bridge within their community.
  • Note: We are currently at capacity for assistants. Please fill out the application to have your name added to our mailing list to hear about future projects. Thanks!

    We are frequently in need of project-specific interns and assistants.

    Interns are generally people who have little painting/mosaicking experience, are high school students, or are interested in learning the technique of creating murals. Interns are usually unpaid but might have a project-specific stipend. We are currently looking for interns to work on murals that include both polytab and mosaic elements as well as a studio manager intern. Many of our interns have returned as project assistants.

    Assistants are generally people who have more extensive painting experience. Assistants are contracted with an hourly wage that is $10-$15/hr, depending on the project, with room for future growth.

    We review applications on an on-going basis. Please email any questions to routeblue@shaw.cA