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Orange and James

When you spend the years that I have in communities on giant walls, in back alleys and streets around the world, the stories that are collected are numerous in number and heartstring pulling. Mural Art is how we taught communities since humans began. It is especially interesting to me that the scaffolding became the gathering […]

Third Wave

As we pivot through the third wave of this pandemic party, it is truly interesting to watch the world change. Change is the word that will always remind me of Covid19. How fast can we adapt is true evolution. Watching the creative businesses and people pivot to make digital and physical u-turns, shows the resilience […]

Seeds of Hope

The picture that I have attached to this blog is the image that made me reach out to photographer and teaching artist, Lana O’Brian. The photo is an incredible piece of time travel. It was so inspiring to then discover Lana was creating a play about the issue around the historic internment issue of British […]

NEW EPISODE-Creating light with Artist Heidi Thompson

Climb my digital scaffolding and join Artist Heidi Thompson and myself and we talk about creating light in the time of covid.  Heidi is an accomplished global artist from the Okanagan. It was inspiring to find our similarities as we enjoyed creative conversation and talking about mud puddles. “My aim is to capture beauty – […]


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