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   “My people will sleep for 100 years, but when they awake, it will be the artist who give them their spirit back.” Louis Riel

On February 20, 2013, the National Launch of The Sunflower Project began in Vernon.  24 Internment Murals will be created by internee descendant, Michelle Loughery in the communities where each of the internment camps were established.  The first mural, to be completed in June 2013, will be painted on the Sutton Building in downtown Vernon.

Did you know?

  • that there were  8,579 Ukrainians and other Europeans that include; Croatians, Serbians, Germans, Hungarians, Romanians, Slovenes, Slovakians, Turks, Bulgarians, Polish, Italians and Jews who were incarcerated in 24 camps across Canada during WW1
  • that the British Columbia provincial  internment camp was situated at McDonald Park in Vernon where W.L. Seaton Secondary School now stands. Men, women and children were held in that camp behind a barbed wire fence between 1914 and 1920
  • many of our roads and national parks were built with the forced labour of these immigrants.
  • that there were  88,000 more who were declared   “enemy aliens” and unjustly forced to carry identification documents, disenfranchised, and subjected to various other discriminatory and repressive measures legislated by the government of Canada.


The Sunflower project has educational  resources and time to share to help us as Educators bring our history alive.


To view Educational Resources go to:

The Canadian First World War Internment Recognition Fund website:, under resources.

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