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“You can tell Michelle has a kind heart and soul. She is one of the most talented people I know. She is helping to make this community and the world a better place through the kids and her work,” Reid said. “That should be celebrated.”

He said there is no more meaningful way to spend your life than by making someone else’s life better.

Johnny Reid

Be sure to visit the Walk of Stars – from old time, best-loved singers like Johnny Cash to modern icons like Aaron Pritchett and Terri Clark. Merritt also boasts the largest country music art gallery in Canada! Come and see how world-renowned mural artist Michelle Loughery has brought both a town and country stars to life.

Merritt Golf &Country Club

The Merritt Youth Mural Project has offered many of the youth in the community a tremendous opportunity to develop life skills training and in many cases, move on to full time careers. Commissioned by world-renowned muralist, Michelle Loughery, founder of the Wayfinder Project Not only has the program served to enrich our society, but it has helped to transform Merritt into the largest country music art gallery you’ll ever visit. A visit to Merritt and you’ll find ample opportunity to pose in front of larger than life murals or your favorite country artists.

CCMA HALL of FAME statement

Let’s put AR:T into action.

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