All inquiries seeking permission for the use of Michelle Loughery Murals, artwork or photos are most welcome.

Please be aware if you use my images/artwork without permission you will be required to pay a licensing fee. It is always better to ask than take.

Michelle does support some non-profit organisations by allowing them permission to use her artwork. But she choses carefully who her work is associated with. Please inquire.

However, due to the increase in requests, if you are a commercial venture please be aware that Michelle will not give permission to use her artwork images without remuneration. Michelle spends many years creating her body of artwork and it is not unreasonable for those wishing to use her images to remunerate her for the reproduction of her artwork within their commercial venture.

Requesting Permission

Michelle Loughery Art requires the disclosure, if applicable, of any affiliations to any other organisations the requesting person or organisation have, which by association may be seen to link Michelle Loughery’s artwork with that organisation.

Michelle Loughery does not want her body of artwork, or trade name used to promote an organisation whose agenda she does not agree with. From 1st January 2018, full disclosure at the time of the request by those seeking use of her artwork must be made of any links they may have to other organisations with a social/political agenda.

Any use of Michelle Loughery artwork, particularly prior to 1st January 2018 by any organisation does not prove the organization or body, has permission to do so.

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