Canadian Country Music Capitol of Canada Mural Project

Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame Project- 2005-2012

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Archive letter on start of project by President of the CCMA Hall of  Fame President.

The Merritt Walk of Stars Society initial intent was that Michelle would come to Merritt and provide advice on mural projects and determine whether such a project would be viable for Merritt. However, as our discussions with Michelle proceeded it became abundantly clear that although such a project could work in Merritt, it would require an administrator who not only has strong business acumen, but who is also experienced in order for it to succeed.

Michelle has been invited to paint murals and attend mural and art conferences as part of an elite group worldwide; she understands the processes for accessing money from government programs both federally and provincially; she knows how to access businesses and private bursaries; and she has developed proven fundraising methods including dinners, auctions, limited-edition print and art-card sales. The proof of her abilities is evident throughout downtown Vernon, where Michelle used her skills and those of local artists and youths at risk to create the 32 murals that adorn the buildings in that city.

Ron Sanders

President, Merritt Walk of Stars


 Stars and Youth and Community


30 murals and over 250 youth engaged

Over 8 million dollars raised in cash and unkind with grants based on community rebranding with murals and teaching youth employment skills.

An award of a million dollars for a three year youth and skills program from Crime Prevention\Federal Governement\Stockwell Day presenter. Wayfinder Youth Project. Signed contract with Elvis Presley Estates sanctioned mural -Dolly and her wonderful Canadian Fan Club

Tim McGraw mural used in Irish film Tomato Red.

Getting the CCMA plaques based on helping youth and the youth being the catalyst for the Hall of Fame Build grants. Grants came based on teaching youth trades and employment skills while building tourism for rural Merritt and region.


Phoebe Archachan, Dolly, me and Lorrie Flemming of the Canadian Route 66 Association