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When walls talk !

Great BIG STORIES from Great BIG walls for the last 3 decades.  “TAKE IT TO THE WALL” is a podcast created by Master Muralist Michelle Loughery to invite the listener to climb her digital scaffolding and hear the stories and the meet people that were the collaborators to her Wayfinder Mural Projects.

Considered a pioneer in her mural work by those who aided the project, by the artists and at-risk youth who took their lives to the wall and by those who followed in her footsteps to pursue mural-based art and skills education in other communities.

Loughery’s projects have helped communities raise millions of dollars while helping to reduce youth poverty and providing local youth with the skills needed to achieve their dreams.

I will not draw in Math Class with Roy Henry Vickers

Grab a coffee, climb the digital scaffolding and spend time with Master Artists Roy and Michelle ART ROUTE RADIO Destination Digital studios in the time of Covid -Master Artist Series with Host Michelle Loughery Taking art to the wall and may other conversations. Art In the time of Covid with Master Artist Michelle Loughery and […]

Community ART

The day I saw the murals started to be painted in my small rural town, I was struck by magic. As a child, community renewal was how you lived. Mine disasters have a way of weaving into your community lives as much as the coal dust weaves into your skin like abstract tattoos. I am […]

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