Watch video on Project TOMATO RED MURAL Youth Crew on Mural -now on Big Screen Premiering March 3  2018 Kamloops Film Festival There is always a story behind every mural. There is always more than paint on the wall. The paint may be attached to the building, and the artist may have let us paint their [...]

indigo journals

What are indigo journals? they are the stories of the walls. The indigo lines that connect the people and the places that I have been blessed to visit or be involved with. The stories are moments. Snippets. #stories that move my soul and sometimes make me shake my head in sadness, or look up to [...]



  The mural project is growing so fast they can hardly keep up. With projects starting and more lined up for the future, the Merritt Walk of Stars Youth Mural Project group was glad to receive another grant from the Human Resources and Skills Development. Approximately $29,000 will help fund two more positions within the [...]