……talking to the sunflowers

There is always a place in the future that we can’t see. As an artist I believe in the connections that tie us all together. In our DNA we are connected to our ancestors and to the future with our children and our children’s children.

But we are also connected by other events, places and people. This is to show that we are all but seeds, drifted here by so many other seeds until we return to the source of that one seed. The SUNFLOWER represents that to me. The life circle ..I will always now see people as sunflowers along the growth cycle, my grandchildren these bright little buds..pokey yellow spikes just starting to show. My wisdom circle the slightly faded interesting gold wreath women that are just starting to bow to the sun. And my mother. The gorgeous well created petals that are now a deep yellow with the most poignant and delicious stories to tell and the rich laughter that a life well lived leaves a room with a sunlit glow..

Why the sunflower …take a listen as I create art and stories about people who are part of my sunflower field. Perhaps you are part of my field? if so reach out and let’s talk about that…..as two sunflowers facing the sun.

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and follow my blog to see the art I am creating in response to this work


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