As 2021 has made everyone U-Turn and find new ways to bring light and connection, my path is to finally do something with all the stories I have collected over the years. The digital wall will provide the same sense of place and belonging that the actual scaffolding and walls did for so many, for so long.

I hope to shine the light on to the stories and work of the many creative artists I am proud to call my friends, and the many youth and heroes I met in my mural globe trotting decades. So see the radio, and hear the art from around the globe. In times like this we can count on the radio to entertain us and to connect us to each other and ourselves. In the next weeks we will be releasing the episodes that we have been learning how to do. We had a huge new learning curve. The sound was a hard one for me to figure out because I had to learn to be quiet and listen. Now if you know me at all, you will be laughing at this point.

We have figured out some new equipment to work remotely, especially challenging with seniors.

“Take it to the Wall” on AR:T ROUTE RADIO…lets shine light on many things on the digital scaffolding that was a place of healing for so many years. Help me support artists as we navigate these times. And lets encourage seniors to share their wisdom. After all there will always be the radio!


Master Artist and The Wayfinder Project visionary. Podcast Host of Wayfinder AR:T ROUTE RADIO and Curator of Wayfinder AR:T ROUTE BLUE curated mural route and Wayfinder Way Life Path series

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