Community ART

The day I saw the murals started to be painted in my small rural town, I was struck by magic. As a child, community renewal was how you lived. Mine disasters have a way of weaving into your community lives as much as the coal dust weaves into your skin like abstract tattoos. I am proud of the coal in my knees.

Pushing art as a rural community plan is not for the faint of heart. The word art seems to hold a bubble around it like it is what you do in the good economic times. This is so not true. It is life. It is our economic and social structure. It is the creation and continual recreation of us all in a connected community plan. Is the patriarchal brain washed governments that hold the purse strings not understand that art is life and how every thing from highways to tourism is based on the very skills art is. ART is math, is science is nature is life.

Is this perceived as a feminine skill made to wear the right coloured apron that places the painting above the sofa that you smoke your pipe on after the suits decide what bridge gets built.

Well it is not. Our indigenous and immigrant stories are about community building, nature preserving, and people caring. This is the worlds infrastructure. Yet the bruises on my soul of the bullying that can happen by working to bring the bridge of our tax money to the very people that are the builders of community is something I will never understand. Joan of Art or Robin hood. Either way as this important election is happening, I yearn for a government that will not just talk to the people, but listen to the people and to the artists. To the youth and to our elders. Government is supposed to be the stewards of the people. So many good people work hard in our governments for change, yet in the the against us mindset these good intentions are lost. TOGETHER WE ARE BETTER. I know this first attempt at podcasting is rough. All things that are new take time to learn the sound quality and working hard to help rural communities has not left me rich in any form. Equipment is expensive. But as a Wayfinder I want my stories to be as my work was. In the streets, the back of trucks, and on the road with the people that are the brilliant blue light of all our connected communities.

So Vote and ask your party how they will engage and listen to the concerns with open minds and a welcome to the government table.

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