Sunflowers into fall

As summer is moving into fall it is time for me to reflect on the seeds 4 tomorrow campaign. It was an amazing thing to watch so many people come together in hope of connection and renewal. Covid has been very hard on all of us, yet somehow the giant flowers and the earnest way we all nourished them and hoped to see the seeds blossom into the giant beauties they are.

well …many times this summer I needed to talk to the sunflowers. Every time I watered them and made sure they were supported, I thought of all of those that came together to unite us all.

As the giant flowers grace all our back yards, highways and fields may we all know that the simple gesture of planting a seed of hope can make the changes we so ache for. We are all connected to each other and a huge thank you for the over 300,000 seeds that were planted. Imagine if we see, hear and believe….#blossomBC we did and a movement of flower power has begun…..#THESUNFOWERPARTY the collaboration of us all to a strong recovery of people place and planet…thank you sunflowers…

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  1. As we travel & navigate through smoke filled air, Michelle’s Fall equinox / Sunflower message reminds us that we must capture each pressious moment and welcome the bounty of fresh air that tomorrow shall being … just follow the sunflowers to a new & brighter furure – they shall lead the way forward 🌻 Lorrie – Road Mother!

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